The YWCA offers groups and client workshops on a variety of topics. Please see below for current offerings. If you are interested in a particular group or workshop topic that you don’t see listed, please fill out a Counseling Services Interest Form by clicking here.

Current Workshops

Stress Reduction: Holiday Workshop (English Flyer)

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago is hosting a 2-day workshop on coping with holiday stress. The workshop will focus on:

  • Learning effective ways to cope with the holidays
  • Creating a holiday plan to navigate the holidays smoothly
  • Practicing coping mechanisms to reduce stress

Members will be empowered to discuss, develop and practice effective coping skills through the use of creative expression. Day 1 of the workshop will begin with identifying concerns related to the holidays, then learning effective coping skills, and culminating in the creation of a plan to navigate the holidays. Day 2 of the workshop will begin by discussing which strategies worked during Thanksgiving and how to improve for the end-of-the-year holidays.

Where: YWCA Patterson & McDaniel Family Center
When: November 19th and December 3rd
Cost: $30 (both sessions and includes supplies)

Click here to register. If you are interested in attending, contact Gwendolyn Brooks at 630-580-8351.

Hot Topics: A Sex Ed Workshop for Adults

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago will be hosting a 3-hour workshop for adults to talk about sex, sexual health, and pleasure.

Participants will:

  • Reflect on messages and myths learned about sex throughout the lifespan
  • Gain a deeper understanding about sexual processes, responses, and arousal
  • Explore how to integrate pleasure back into our understanding of sex
  • Explore ways to navigate the communication of sexual needs and desires

Where: YWCA Cynthia B. Lafuente Center
When: TBA
Cost: $25

Registration is closed for the current workshop. The next will be scheduled based on demand.