Counseling & Case Management


Caring, professional counselors provide confidential individual, family and group counseling to survivors of sexual violence and their non-offending family members. Services are offered to women, children and men who have been victims of assault. In providing trauma-informed services, counselors understand the dynamics of sexual violence and the effect trauma has on the lives of survivors and their family members.

Services are provided to survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and sexual harassment, ages 3 and above. Counselors support each survivor through their healing journey by utilizing a variety of methods including traditional “talk” therapy and expressive therapies (Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Dance Movement Therapy, and Sand Tray Therapy).

As the disclosure of sexual abuse/assault frequently impacts a survivor’s loved ones and family members, counseling is also available to non-offending siblings, parents, partners and spouses. Counselors support significant others as they explore their experiences of secondary trauma and work to build a support system for the survivor.

Case Management Services

Case management services are available to help survivors of sexual violence and their family members identify and access community resources. Case management is a collaborative process of identifying, planning, and facilitating access to resources and services to meet the needs of individuals and families.


Who’s Eligible:

Survivors of sexual violence ages 3 and above and their impacted non-offending significant others (spouses, partners, parents/legal guardians, siblings)




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630.790.6600 (West Suburbs)
708.754.0486 (South Suburbs)