After more than 140 years providing resources to millions of people, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago has learned a thing or two. We’re using our experience and knowledge enriching people’s lives to work collaboratively with businesses to support their most important investment—their employees.

YWCA Workplace Trainings are designed to foster a culture with strong morale, collegiality, customer service, and workforce diversity and inclusion. Our training offerings are customized with precision to take into consideration the current climate and culture of an organization. We build training content to meet specific needs around growth and innovation.

Creating A Safe & Healthy Workplace

This training makes the connection between strategic behaviors for a healthy workplace and healthy professional boundaries. We address what individuals can do when fellow employees or others present with unwanted behavior.

Learning Objectives:
• Review the organization’s policies and procedures for responding to and reporting incidents of sexual harassment
• Discuss how to identify and respond to unwanted behavior and attention

Cultural Humility

This training will define what cultural humility entails and how this idea differs from cultural competence.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn empathetic connections and responses
• Gain tools to foster a collaborative environment

Trauma-Informed Workplace

This training prepares organizations in becoming trauma-informed. It helps employees understand how trauma can impact learning, relationships, behaviors, and the employee and customer experience.

Learning Objectives:
• Share information about effects of vicarious trauma
• Help create frameworks to address effects of trauma in the workplace

Unconscious Bias

This training is an interactive, practical course for understanding unconscious bias in the workplace. It introduces straightforward activities to challenge learners to examine their own thought patterns as they interact with other people.

Learning Objectives:
• Identify potential individual and organizational biases that need addressing
• Implement techniques for responding to unconscious biases

Soft Skills

Through a series of learning modules, we help organizations provide their staff with the tools to better communicate and perform in professional settings.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn to work effectively with teammates by respecting different skill sets, personalities, work styles, or motivation levels to achieve a better team result.
• Learn how to stay calm and remain effective when you are confronted with unexpected or difficult situations.

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