Participants eligible for enrollment are first-time young moms ages 12 to 19. Participants receive services until 21 years of age and children from 0-5 years.

Participants receive home visits weekly, biweekly or monthly for parenting education and support accomplishing personal goals.

During home visiting services, parents receive age-appropriate activities to promote positive parent-child interaction and healthy cognitive, social emotional, physical, and language development in their children; to promote child well-being; to promote healthy attachment/bonding and communication amongst caregivers and children; and to promote voice empowerment for safety of mom and child.

Group services aim to provide a peer support group for young parents to become self- sufficient and knowledgeable about a variety of topics that affect them and their children through discussions and outreach activities. Participants receive diapers/wipes/hygiene products throughout their participation.

Participants receive in-depth instruction in many important topics and services related to healthy child development and family wellbeing including:

  • Child sex abuse prevention
  • Understanding infant mental health approach
  • Power of praising children
  • Power of positive interaction with children
  • Goal setting and planning for success
  • Financial Fitness: Cash flow, savings, budgeting, investing
  • The importance of healthy relationships with family, friends and fathers
  • Mental health care support