The YWCA administers the IDHS Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) to help income-eligible parents pay for child care while they work or go to school.

A family is considered income-eligible when the combined gross monthly income of all family members is at or below the amounts listed below for the corresponding family size. In two-parent families, both incomes must be combined to determine eligibility. Two-parent families include those with 2 or more adults living in the home, such as the applicant and his or her spouse or parents of a common child in the home.

Maximum Monthly Income
(200% FPL)
Annual Income
FAMILY SIZE 2 $3,433 $41,196
FAMILY SIZE 3 $4,318 $51,816
FAMILY SIZE 4 $5,203 $62,436
FAMILY SIZE 5 $6,088 $73,056
FAMILY SIZE 6 $6,973 $83,676
FAMILY SIZE 7 $7,858 $94,296
FAMILY SIZE 8 $8,743 $104,916
FAMILY SIZE 9 $9,628 $115,536
FAMILY SIZE 10 $10,421 $125,052

To qualify for the Illinois Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance program:

  • Use the Eligibility Calculator to see if you are eligible for child care assistance.
  • Find a child care provider who will be willing to accept the child care assistance funding. If you would like a list of providers in your area please call us at (630)790-6600. When you call, follow the prompts and select Early Childhood Services (Option 3). There will be additional prompts for providers (Option 1) and clients (Option 2).
  • Submit a completed Application for Child Care Assistance to our office.
  • Allow 10 business days from the day of receipt for your application to be reviewed.


DuPage, Kane, and Lake counties

Who’s Eligible:

Parents must be engaged in a qualifying activity such as work and or school or approved TANF activity.



Additional Information:


YWCA Metropolitan Chicago Child Care Assistance Program serves parents and providers in the counties of DuPage, Kane and Lake. Our office hours and phone lines open Monday-Thursday 8:00AM – 4:00PM and Friday 8:00AM – 1:30PM.

There are three ways to reach our staff:

  • Addison: 630-790-6600
  • Lake County: 847-662-4247
  • Toll Free: 844-221-2227(CCAP)

Parents and Providers may submit documents in a PDF format to our email address at or by fax. For DuPage and Kane counties, the fax number is 630-629-7801 and for Lake County the fax number is 847-855-0304.