YWCA Metropolitan Chicago is funded in part by a grant from the Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer (BACP) through its Neighborhood Business Development Center Program. BACP ensures a fair and vibrant marketplace for both businesses and consumers; it also licenses business and public vehicles, provides business education and access to resources, enforces the Chicago Municipal Code, and protects consumers from fraud. For more information about BACP and the many services it offers, visit https://www.chicago.gov/city/en/depts/bacp.html.

The YWCA is committed to helping you grow your small business by providing you the tools to support your entrepreneurial journey!

We are prepared to assist you with the following:

  • Business-to-business networking opportunities
  • Employment and workforce development assistance
  • Consumer marketing assistance
  • Connecting your business to the local community
  • Information about a particular neighborhood
  • Getting a new small business started
  • Troubleshooting City-related issues for small businesses
  • Connecting businesses to financial resources

We offer services in the following language: English

The YWCA has an expertise in offering guidance as a Business Stage Specialist for our community. Our services help entrepreneurs and business owners grow or sustain their small businesses.

Business Stage Specialist

We provide targeted support for one, or more, of the following business stages:

(1) Pre-start-up and start-up;
(2) Growth and establishment;
(3) Maturity and exit/conversion.

We identify barriers to growth and utilize our networks and relationships to introduce clients to new markets. Additionally, we provide support in the development of general business acumen and assistance with (i.e. directly or via a referral partner) fundamental operational activities.

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago NBDC Contact Information:

Princess Fountain-Gentry
Project Coordinator, NBDC

City Public Official (Alderman) and Ward Information: