Housing Access and Sustainability Services

Our Housing Access & Sustainability Services program provides clients with an unmatched suite of comprehensive housing services that address the needs of local residents in low to moderate income neighbors. Our team of housing professionals works endlessly to ensure our clients receive quality services—including high impact workforce development programs, technology training, and entrepreneurship support through the Illinois Small Business Development Center.

If you are in a situation where you are experiencing hardship or feel you are struggling to make your mortgage payments, please reach out to us. Call to schedule an appointment with an experienced HUD Certified Housing Counselor free of charge at 312-328-0873.

Foreclosure Prevention

Although mortgage foreclosure filings and seriously delinquent mortgages have decreased from the historically high levels of the past decade, significant problems remain in many areas. Foreclosures and serious delinquencies cause high levels of economic stress for mortgage servicers, investors, and borrowers, and threaten the stability of neighborhoods. PICB’s foreclosure prevention department assists clients who are in eminent default, facing foreclosure or in post-foreclosure through various programs offered by the federal government as well as bank and investor programs. The different types of foreclosure alternatives are Reinstatement, Repayment plan, Forbearance plan, Loan modification, Short sale, or Deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Home Purchasing Education

Once upon a time, buying a home was simple. Today, the game has changed. Whether you’re buying for the first time or the fifth, you need to be more savvy, more proactive. With homebuyer education, you can be. It’s not just about buying a home—it’s about staying in it. Research shows that informed homebuyers are successful homeowners.

Framework is the only online homebuyer course designed by experts in online learning. It’s comprehensive, so you’ll have all the facts you need to navigate every step of the buying process. And you can learn when, where, and how you like.


We offer supportive individual and group pre-purchase counseling sessions to assist home-buyers in becoming mortgage ready. Post purchase counseling guides clients through homeownership by providing them with information and resources on property taxes, insurance, refinancing, equity loans, property rehabilitation, upkeep and maintenance.


The number of foreclosures resulting from inappropriate loans are reduced by understanding the types of home loans available. Clients are educated about deceptive mortgage relief and foreclosure rescue companies and taught how to report such activities to appropriate authorities for investigation.

Rental Assistance


Landlords and tenants are introduced through the program to form positive relationships that create sustainable households and communities. Both tenants and landlords are educated about rental rights and responsibilities, community programs, city housing options.


The program is made possible through the following strategic partners: