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YWCA Metropolitan Chicago is excited to launch Still Standing, the official blog of YWCA Metropolitan Chicago dedicated to addressing the issues of racial justice and equality in America. Through a host of local and national guest bloggers, Still Standing will seek to tell the story of how we, as a country and a people, are still standing despite racism; and how YWCA Metropolitan Chicago and our communities still stand – even 50 years after the signing of the Civil Rights Act – against racism. The latter could not have been made more evident than it was today when the NBA took their own stand against L.A. Clippers Owner Donald Sterling by banning him for life and slapping him with a $2.5 million fine.

In the NBA more than 70% of the players are black men and we are proud that the NBA took a stand to say, in no uncertain terms, that their organization will not stand for what is nothing less than blatant racism. At the YWCA our mission is to eliminate racism and empower women, and although racism is pervasive and affects us all, it tends to disproportionately affect women.  Our first guest blogger, Terri Johnson, vividly outlines for you many of the ways that women of color and the children they raise are “on the brink” and suffer heavily from the social ills of poverty, pay inequity and joblessness as a result of the systemic racism that still plagues our country.

We hope you’re inspired by our first Still Standing blog post. Be sure to check in with us monthly as we Stand Against Racism through stimulating dialogue. I look forward to engaging with you again soon.


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Dorri McWhorter
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Demonstrate your support of racial justice by supporting our July 2 event, Dreams and Mountaintops: A 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Civil Rights Act. Contact Molly Silverman, Director of Strategic Engagement, for more information at 312-762-2743 or molly.silverman@ywcachicago.org.

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