Pyramid Model-Module 1

January 15, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
YWCA Patterson & McDaniel Family Center
2055 Army Trail Rd #140
IL 60101
Quality & Training Department
630-790-6600, Option 4
Pyramid Model-Module 1 @ YWCA Patterson & McDaniel Family Center

Creating a Win-Win: A Team Approach to Strengthening Young Children’s Social & Emotional Skills

Presenter: Casey Craft-Cortes, YWCA Infant Toddler Specialist & ITN Trainer

Interested in a calmer learning environment filled with supported, engaged children? Learn more about the relationship between challenging behavior and social-emotional development in young children and the role of your own attitude about challenging behavior. Gather tips and tricks on building important relationships with children, families, and co-workers as well as designing an effective preschool environment.

Need help with transitions? Learn more about developing consistent schedules and routines to assist in structuring transitions. Finally, guidance is provided for use of ongoing monitoring and positive attention to support children’s social/emotional behavior. Fill your toolbox today! A team of teacher(s) and administrator welcome.

(REQUIRED to attend 1/15 AND 1/22 to receive certificate)

Targeted Audience: All Early Childhood & Youth Professionals
Level of Learning: Intermediate