“Investing in the Future” Seminar Series

May 18, 2019 @ 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
YWCA Laura Parks and Mildred Francis Center
6600 South Cottage Grove Avenue
IL 60649
Stephen Vaughn

Please join YWCA Metropolitan Chicago and Rapunzl Investments for a three-part seminar series, “Investing in the Future”. This seminar series takes place over three weeks on May 18th, May 25th, and June 1st and will discuss topics including Saving/Investing, Credit/Brand Management, and College Planning.

In 2016, Brian Curio and  Myles Gage created a mobile application, Rapunzl Investments, that allows users to create simulated stock portfolios in a transparent community.

This past April the Rapunzl team hosted a high school investment contest in partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago where students competed for $20,000 in scholarship prizes. This essentially served as the catalyst for our non-profit organization, Financial Pathways, which aims to not only expose students from underserved communities to financial markets but help them pursue careers in the financial services space.

The events will take play May 18th, May 25th and June 1st from 12:30pm – 2:00pm at YWCA Laura Parks and Mildred Francis Center at 6600 South Cottage Grove Avenue. There is no cost to attend the event, but registration is required. Participants are welcome to attend individual workshops but are encouraged to attend all three. Please register for each workshop you plan to attend. 

May 18th
Week 1 – Savings vs. Investing
The overall goal of this program is to provide students with a practical framework to engage financial concepts with, in order to prepare them for life after school. Savings and Investing are the building blocks of this framework. Saving is strategy by which one puts aside a proportion of something regularly over time, in order to accumulate it; cash for example. Investing is turning your cash money into assets which will accrue value over time. In order to begin investing, one must first start saving, and in order to save one must know what, why, and how they are saving. Click here to register for the May 18th event.

May 25th
Week 2 – Credit and Brand Management
We all get the idea behind credit cards — spending money that you don’t really have, with the intent of paying it back — despite it seeming kind of strange. But really, credit can be a way to structure payments regularly for certain things you may need but can’t buy in the moment or save for. It also provides a system for banks and other institutions to use to determine how well you manage money, so they can determine how best to serve you as a customer. For instance, making regular payments will net you a good credit score showing you reliably manage money; in turn, banks and other companies will be more trustworthy with the amount and terms of money they let you borrow. In this way, credit lets you build up a financial brand which you can use to your advantage as you save and invest. Click here to register for the May 25th event.

June 1st
Week 3 – College Planning
College Planning provides the perfect practical context to tie in Saving, Investing, Credit & Brand Management as practical concepts. College is a great Savings Goal for students, and it is also an investment opportunity. By framing Post-Secondary Education in these terms, students can more realistically asses their options in terms of risk as it pertains to their current and future prospects and desires. Additionally, because Post-Secondary Education can be selective, taking the necessary steps to be a stand-out candidate is one way to practice the habits of Credit & Brand Management. Click here to register for the June 1st event.